French Beans Foogath

March 25, 2014

Foogath is the term used for any vegetable dish made with coconut. The ingredients used are few, simple & mainly steamed in its own juices . This is cooked in its own steam hence water is used on top of the lid to aid cooking. Foogath is light & mildly spicy. It is enjoyed with chapattis, phulkas, handbreads. It is good for children since it is not spicy . It is simply delicious which has subtle flavors. Foogath is generally made mildly spicy since it is an accompaniment with a non-veg spicy dish. We East Indians usually prepare all our vegetable mildly spicy and foogath is commonly prepared every day in the house. It is one of our my favorite vegetable. The french beans are cooked just until tender & juicy, it tastes fresh and delicate too. The coconut in this dish just enhances the flavor of the french beans. Do try this dish and enjoy this wonderful vegetable which is very easy and simple to make.

250 grams fresh tender French Beans
1 large Onion finely chopped in quarters
A sprig Curry Leaves
2 fresh Green Chilies finely chopped
½ cup fresh Coconut grated
3 tablespoons Oil
A pinch of Sugar
Salt to taste

Wash the French Beans and drain. De-string the beans and cut them. Heat oil in a kadai/pan add the onions and green chilies. Saute till soft & translucent. Then add curry leaves, a pinch of sugar & beans. Saute again for a minute. Cover the kadai/pan with a lid which can hold water. Pour water on the lid and let it cook on slow flame. Every 2 -3 minutes, remove the lid carefully stir the beans and again cover with the lid. Cook to retain crunch & color (do not over cook) when cooked add the coconut & salt to taste. Stir well & let it cook for another minute. Serve hot. My mother never added curry leaves but I like the taste of curry leaves in this dish, I chop the curry leaves fine so that they blend with french beans.

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sneha datar

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